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Restructuring the beliefs that form the foundation of your life

I offer a range of somatic energy healing modalities which include Craniosacral Therapy, Core Belief Restructuring, the Inquiry Method, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Shamanic Luminous Healing, and personal guidance coaching.  Healing sessions are orchestrated in a co-creative relationship to bring about the optimum healing for you, with benefits of awareness and release being experienced anew in your physical being, your relationship with yourself and your relationship to others and the world around you.

What are the beliefs that form the foundation of how you live your life?  Is your life style amplifying your highest expression of You? I assist individuals ready to reclaim their personal power, by uncovering and releasing outdated limiting beliefs, through Core Belief Restructuring and Somatic Soulistic Personal Guidance. I am dedicated to supporting you with tools for personal empowerment and energy management so that you can, with ease, participate in your life fulfilled within a deep sense of well-being and quiet confidence.

Your power comes from knowing and being consistently present with your most Divine Self, allowing all expressions to flow through you.  This, in turn, transforms your perceptions and your relationships.

Now is the time to release these limiting beliefs to create an experience of harmony and acceptance, and somatizing that experience in order to embody your source energy connection.  Learn simple tools to manage your energy and maintain your connection with Source energy.

I assist you in deeply connecting with your Divine Self, and accessing your inner guidance system so you can feel the aliveness within you blossom and evolve into the beautiful being that you are - alive, and expressing your powerful loving self.

“Our direct experience is the catalyst that breaks the bonds of perception that may have kept us locked into our old way of seeing.”

~ Greg Braden,  The Spontaneous Healing of Belief