Inquiry Method Coaching

Accelerate your journey of expressing yourself as your highest potential by consciously assisting to eliminate those attributes and tendencies you’ve outgrown.  Somatic Coaching is aimed at encouraging your own unique gifts and diminishing unwanted propensities or habits.

I create a safe and sacred space for you to be connected to your body, to be in communication with your body’s wisdom, to guide and assist your body in releasing patterns of holding, such as stress, addiction, chronic pain, conditioned responses and limiting beliefs that keep you from your soul’s highest expression.  The benefits of a somatic energy healing session such as this occur on the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels, as we will work on all these levels to support the highest outcome.

***I offer a complimentary introductory one-hour session to meet one another and offer you a brief experience of this work.

Over the years I have experienced that when you commit to a process, to a series of sessions, you get more out of it.


  • Explore and rediscover who you are and what you want
  • Identify and move beyond fears that hold you back from living a full, meaningful life
  • Pinpoint clearly what is and isn’t working ~ define and change limiting life patterns
  • Eliminate roadblocks to true happiness easier and quicker
  • Rebuild self-trust and confidence
  • Transform
  • Take personal responsibility for what is past and find ways to move forward in a healthy way
  • Reclaim your personal power by actively engaging in becoming who you are
  • Acquire tools for creating and maintaining healthy relationships, from the inside out
  • Make decisions based on your own truth, inner wisdom and inner guidance system
  • Set goals to achieve what you want by simplifying and actively taking daily action steps
  • Build effective interpersonal communication skills
  • Make forward movement in your new design for your life with clarity and insight

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